Introduction to Question One & its terms of service

Question One hosted its first quiz in 2003 and has since grown in popularity to around 100 venues across London and beyond. We offer carefully researched quizzes presented by the 'best fit' people suited to the personality of each venue and its customers.

Our Quizzes

Our popular format consists of two rounds of 20 general knowledge questions in each. This provides the foundation to the unique entertainment provided by each Quiz Host and is tailored to each venue. Amongst the questions is a series of picture puzzles which we source and print out as part of our service. Quizzes incorporate a short comfort break in between each round to encourage customers to top up their refreshments while the Quiz Host gathers half-time scores.

Our Quiz Hosts

We pride ourselves in working with a diverse pool of talented individuals who help create an identity and following for each venue’s quiz. We aim to match the best-fit personalities to individual venues. To help with business continuity, we also provide equally talented cover on those occasions when the regular Quiz Host might not be available. We invite regular feedback from venues so that we get a better understanding of which Quiz Hosts work best at each venue. This strengthens rapport with customers.


We are keen to work closely with venues to provide marketing support, whether it's through providing posters and artwork or to help publicise your quiz with tweets and posts. Your quiz will be searchable on our Quiz Finder ( which is popular amongst keen quiz fanatics, eager to find a venue close to where they live or work. We offer additional free services to enhance your Twitter feed directly and are happy to discuss these. Experience shows that our most successful quizzes are where we work in partnership to ensure all marketing requirements are fulfilled.

Our fees

We have developed a special scaled fee that adjusts according to attendance, which helps ensure that what is paid by customers gets invested back into the quiz experience. Your venue’s flat-rate fee is £60 plus £1 for every person (plus VAT) ****who takes part in the quiz. This means you will pay less during those quieter periods that may be caused by changes in the weather, TV or sports schedules. The benefit is that you only pay more as the number of people taking part increases, reflecting the benefit to the pub of more trade attracted to the bar. This also acts as an incentive to Question One and our Quiz Hosts to work closely with your venue to attract more customers to the event. Tailored rates apply for special events such as wedding receptions, private or corporate functions.

Unlike some other quiz companies, you keep the quiz entry fees. ****For example, if you have 35 players, at £60 + £1 per player, you would pay £95 + VAT. If you charge £2 per player, you would have £70 of entry fees to put towards prizes and the quiz. Excluding the cost of prizes, the net cost of your quiz would be £25.

We are always happy to help with any queries that you might have!

Question One Ltd. (UK)

+44 (0)20 3318 7666

The small print.. (Terms & Conditions)

  1. At the end of the quiz, the Quiz Host reports player numbers electronically to Question One (Q1) for invoicing. The Quiz Host also obtains sign-off from your venue staff for attendance figures and passes all entry fees to your staff. We recommend that your venue keeps its own log of attendance numbers for accounting purposes.
  2. Question One Quiz Hosts do not take entry fees, prizes or quiz invoice payments on behalf of Question One. Entry fees are collected on behalf of the venue.
  3. Entry fees and prize offerings are determined by your venue. We can offer recommendations and advice.