We can arrange a wireless microphone kit / Fenton PA Box to be loaned to your venue and sent in your name. We recommend you test it as soon as possible and purchase any adapters that might be needed to enable the microphone kit to plug into your in-house system. Venues are asked to maintain a supply of batteries that need to be readily to hand on quiz nights. With a Fenton PA Box, we will also send a connector wire as a separate package for you to keep plugged into the PA box to enable the host to play audio questions where possible.


We may loan you audio equipment if requested. Your venue is responsible for installation, maintenance, repair or replacement of component parts including batteries for the equipment. Loaned audio equipment must remain in your venue (unless removed by a representative of Question One) and is to be used for Question One events only. If loaned equipment falls into disrepair your venue is responsible for replacing it. Your venue is responsible for returning this equipment in the condition it was loaned in. Your venue is responsible for the cost of postage to return the equipment Question One. Alternatively, equipment may be purchased. Please contact us for more information. Question One accepts no responsibility for your venue’s audio system.

In case of a termination of a contract of supply, the equipment must be returned at the venue’s expense, or purchased at the current retail value, which will be added to the final invoice.